Reviews for "Megatron (HOC) Version"


Great artwork is wonderful.The mirror view has a better face and Thats a Big ass Gun


F*** YEAH ! That's the subject that i like


Very nice job! wish i was that good when its comes to art.

Pssh, that leg is worth it.

Everyone is saying they don't like it cause he looks as if he is walking.
Maybe, he noticed you looking at him, and decided to turn his body, and then move his arm with that big ass gun, and shoot you're f**king face off and desinagrate you entire body into nothing but ash and dust.

Thats what I think when I see his leg like that.
It's awesome. :D

MindChamber responds:

haha, its basically him coming from around that building, I figured the fact that the ground is crumbling under his feet would indicate that he is infact walking. but I guess I needed to be more obvious.

Messed up...

That's a messed up pose he's got there... His lower body wants to go diagonally, while his upper body wants to go straight.