Reviews for "Megatron (HOC) Version"


pose is pretty awkward, and he doesn't match up with the background too well. i recommend that ya read a few guides on perspective, Loomis briefly covers that topic in one of his books. that said, its pretty cool to look at and i can tell you spent alot of time on this.

MindChamber responds:

thanks for the suggestion, I'll look that book up

can you say optimus can suck it big for megatron??

yo man nice work on forming megatron as his true self and great detail optimus aint got shit on him and never will. great picture man

Nice one

I like the detail!


Good detail and such, but i do agree with the other comments. The pose is messed up, and the background fades out/ gets smaller too soon. Is his right foot in midair or on the ground in the background? Keep it up and improve on poses. Now that i look at it a bit more carefully the building looks a bit odd compared to the other ones. Can't really explain it tho.


although the mirror is one of the greatest parts of the pic i am seriousley impressed with the obsession of detail.