Reviews for "Megatron (HOC) Version"


Now, why coulden't Micheal Bay make Megatron like THIS?!!

As usual, awsome job.


They should have made him like this in the movies.


Looks more badass than the movie version.

MindChamber responds:

thanks, G1 will always be more badass than bayformers lol

So this version of Megatron turns into a Turret?

That actually would make more sense!

I always wondered why he turned into a 'gun' in the old 80's version. It was probably a marketing ploy vs the analogy of how devastating his power is by turning into 'just a weapon.'

I would love to see his transformed mode on another submission.

MindChamber responds:

he turned into a gun because he wasn't part of the same line. there were different lines of diaclones, he came from the real world line.. Gun, cassette tape player, microscope etc..

When they merged the lines for the American release (Transformers) they worked with what they had when making the story,

Nice but...

Why does he need moving legs and tank treads, wouldn't just one suffice. Anyway nice picture man, love the textures.

MindChamber responds:

They don't move in robot mode, they are on his feet like shoes, the treads are actually from the turret where it uses the treads to pivot the base .
also there's only 2 treads but they are split on each foot to look like toes.