Reviews for "Megatron (HOC) Version"

I like it

But i dont like his pose with a leg going forward it looks like hes about to take a walk, but his top half of his body looks like he should be in a standing pose. The detail though is very good.

Must look away!

I cant stop staring at his left leg (the one he's stepping with)
Either its more detailed, or something, but all my attention gets drawn to it.

Overall i like is design and concept, its soooo badass.
This is a glorious thing you've done.


this is what i like to see! megatron back in his old school form, with some wicked improvements. A transformed pic would be just as badass if not more, nudge nudge

fuckin cool!

fuckin cool!

only thing.. why has he killed so few autobots?
IVE killed 13 autobots.
seriously though...so damn badass.

MindChamber responds:

lol, in G1, thats technically all of them on earth :-p

shit shit shit shit shit

holy fuck that is excelent