Reviews for "Flaw"

Loved it.

Alloud responds:

Glad you liked it, thanks for the comment! :]

Loving that intro.

The airy pad you have there is very nice, and those chords following it sound great. I can hear some similarities (it might be the piano you're using) to Design, and the snare sounds the same too - it creates a nice sense of continuity.
The saw lead you're using works nicely, though i feel like it's a bit too detuned to work perfectly with rest of the song. It certainly doesn't sound bad, though.

I'm at the first chorus now, and it sounds good. I really wish the snare was a bit more powerful, but that's really all I can complain about. The pads work very nicely here, and I'm still loving that piano (could be a bit louder, but I don't know really; I'm just nitpicking.)

Not much happens after that chorus, aside from a breakdown and some slight variation on the piano notes; which works. This piece feels very much like some of your previous stuff, in that the percussion makes it feel fast and yet the melodies give a sense of something slow moving and peaceful. I'm enjoying this one.

The outro is beautiful, I wish it went on a little longer. Those soft notes are really nice.

I like it.


Alloud responds:

Awesome review, thanks.

The piano is a staple across the 4 tracks in Blueprints, it's part of the sound I wanted along with floaty pads and strings. It takes on more of a lead role in this and Design though. Also yeah, the snare sample is the same. xD

I'm embarassed about this, but as I mentioned in the description, I lost interest in this track before it was done. Everything (save for the outro) past 3:18 I don't really like. When I go to remaster I'll see if I can realize my original ideas for the second chorus.

I'm glad you liked the little outro. I'm currently starting a little game project and if I get to putting together a soundtrack for it some of the tracks will have that same soft, pretty, ambient sound. ;3

Thanks again for the in-depth review! I'm happy you liked it, despite its flaws (ha).
I'll try and return the favour someday if I find the time.

Very Tasty :D

This song is beautiful! I love it!!!

(I also just noticed that you uploaded this on my birthday!)

Alloud responds:

Happy (belated) Birthday!

Im starting to love your work. I love how this song is slow in parts and picks up in others. this is exactly what im looking for, for some of my vids.
I will contact you if I use it.

Alloud responds:

lol, cool. Thanks for listening!