Reviews for "HalloweenStep"

My ears hurt, thats a good sign of a dubstep song, ill sure play it when it hits Haloween "Respect Man!"

Is a very good song is also pretty scary Dubstep

Very nice!! Do you know where i could find these sound samples? Is there some sort of pack i could download? I would love to do some sort of a remix on the launchpad i'm getting in a few weeks :D

aaronmusslewhite responds:

i don't have stems or anything, this was done on an old computer and unfortunately the sessions won't open on my new one, sorry :( All of the samples I threw in were from youtube videos. I just searched for horror movie samples, The Mysterious Stranger cartoon, and courage the cowardly dog.


Holy crap! Man, this is really good music. I think everybody at a Halloween party will dance to this, including me. Great job!