Reviews for "HalloweenStep"

Free internet for you dude! :D This is really sick even though we don't have Halloween in our country.

I didn't think this song could get any more epic, then you added a Courage the Cowardly Dog sample and proved me wrong. Well done sir, well done.

aaronmusslewhite responds:

haha yeah, that came from my friend and I sitting around talking about creepypasta and horror movies and we thought of that one lol. Wanted it to not be tooooo serious business.

On a side, totally forgot about Eustace's "WHAT'S YOUR OFFER!?" until looking for that sample lmfao. That show was brilliant.

okay badass 5 out of 5

"Kids roaming the street befront of a house, big, creepy house and something watches them from behind. They knock and it does not open. Than they get their eye points in the wrong side and shit all over the house. And then it finally opens up and a shit monester saws it and says: Hooly Szit, it really is Halloween! Blood all over the house!

WOW! I love this song. Every aspect captures the cryptic theme of halloween. But... sometimes I can't hear what the words in the song are. Could you possibly reply what the lyrics are on this? Thanks. This is a great song nonetheless. ~This was added to one of my favorite songs~

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Thanks glad you liked it! I'm planning on doing another halloween type song for halloween this year as well :D.

The words are just samples from various horror movies, dawn of the dead and other stuff. I got it all linked together in a long various horror movie sample.

THe creepy voices in the second build is from a mark twain cartoon for kids, you can search 'creepy mark twain cartoon' to find it