Reviews for "HalloweenStep"

This song sent shivers down my back. Yet I couldn't stop listening to it. Great work!

Yo, this is fresh! You just got five stars and five black kids listening to music. What program? Ableton Live?

aaronmusslewhite responds:

thanks man! yeah I use ableton and the typical assortment of plugins Waves, Native Instrument stuff, albino3, nexus, sylenth et cetera.

utterly kick ass

Amazing work!!
Nice, long atmospheric build-up, and the drop is just too nasty xD

I wouldn't dress like Skrillex though, no offense :P

"Kids roaming the street befront of a house, big, creepy house and something watches them from behind. They knock and it does not open. Than they get their eye points in the wrong side and shit all over the house. And then it finally opens up and a shit monester saws it and says: Hooly Szit, it really is Halloween! Blood all over the house!