Reviews for "HalloweenStep"

SO SICK, Nice job :-D

Very nice!! Do you know where i could find these sound samples? Is there some sort of pack i could download? I would love to do some sort of a remix on the launchpad i'm getting in a few weeks :D

aaronmusslewhite responds:

i don't have stems or anything, this was done on an old computer and unfortunately the sessions won't open on my new one, sorry :( All of the samples I threw in were from youtube videos. I just searched for horror movie samples, The Mysterious Stranger cartoon, and courage the cowardly dog.

Is a very good song is also pretty scary Dubstep

Please tell me you can release this on SoundCloud and make it downloadable, cuz I want this song so bad!!! This music got me trapped! Awesome work bro!

WOW! I love this song. Every aspect captures the cryptic theme of halloween. But... sometimes I can't hear what the words in the song are. Could you possibly reply what the lyrics are on this? Thanks. This is a great song nonetheless. ~This was added to one of my favorite songs~

aaronmusslewhite responds:

Thanks glad you liked it! I'm planning on doing another halloween type song for halloween this year as well :D.

The words are just samples from various horror movies, dawn of the dead and other stuff. I got it all linked together in a long various horror movie sample.

THe creepy voices in the second build is from a mark twain cartoon for kids, you can search 'creepy mark twain cartoon' to find it