Reviews for "Life in the Portal: Clock"

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So anyway, I was very pleased with how this turned out and am glad we are working together. Thanks a lot for giving me a chance to write your cartoon! That really means a lot to me. You can never truly find out if someone has a talent until you see them do it. Sometimes in order to do it, you have to let them do it. This was one of those times. I saw flaws in my writing, but since it was my first ever written flash animation I dont give a shit about those flaws. Here is a review... or whatever the kids call it these days, of our work.

Plot 8/10

I felt that the plot was great, but it had some bad weeds to be rooted out of it. For instance, the ending could have been better and more witty. We had to think of something fast and I think the ending settled for what it was, i just wish we could have thought of a more original way to explain the origins of clock day. I also saw that my circle n circle animat, as predicted, dragged on. Of course it was MEANT to drag on since it was his crappy flash and it was MEANt to have bad voice acting and it was MEANT to have bad graphics... people still didnt understand the joke behind it. It was far to vague to be thought of a joke. *thats how the clock crew thinks, and many people do not like the clock crews humor... :/* As for the rest of the writing, I was glad it turned out how it did.

Voice Acting 9/10

I cant really count my voice acting because my voice acting was meant to be god awful, although for some odd reason people enjoyed it LOLZ, so I will judge your acting. I always enjoy the witty and strange nerdy voices you can come up with. I thought you could have put in more emotion into the voices, but all in all each character sounded good and different. Good job!

Animation 10/10

We both know this is easy to do animation, but hell I still enjoy it. That circle n circle thing.. that was hard! Moving those circles up and down on that one grey line takes precision and mad skills... thats why I animated it. HHHAHAHAHAHAHahahahsohohoh. I love your animating skills man, seriously.

FINAL 9/10

All in all, it came out greater than I originally planned. FIRST PLACE MAN?! KICKASS!!! Now lets get on to the next project about that orgy-- OH WAIT IM NOT SUPPOSED TO TELL. :o

Great job, respect all the way. And thanks again.

Samination responds:

Rating your own movie? :P

I liked my ending! It wasn't rushed, it was inspired. XD


"what is this i dont even" Best quote ever


Good job, Nick and Sam! I really liked that panning shot of the happy green scenery, that was very clean. Nick, good to see you're writing some strong stuff! You guys make a pretty good team in this one, I want more!!!

lol that pretty funny

that was funny but u shoudnt of prabally made fun of tom

This is just great.

This is one of the few Clockday submissions that I liked, mainly because it's a logical one. I chuckled all the way through, the idea and the plot was excellent. The only reason I deducted a star is because this movie lacks backgrounds, they are plain white, and I think some drawings were worth spending more time on and improving. Other than that, it's great. I laughed hard at the "Circle N Circle", which I think was inspired by Stamper's "Circle 'N Square". As for the voice acting, it awesome. FatKidWithAJetPack did a good job. I hope both of you keep up the good work.