Reviews for "Mentos Clock is Sick"

(title in work)

Very good, very good. This had a good storyline, as well as all the clocky jokes that are so great. The randomness of this was rather enjoyable as well. I have to say that the graphics were nice as well. One can tell that you put a bunch of effort into your FBF animations, which looked quite good. Happy Clock Day!


that was hilarious! keep up the good work!!!

"Do you think that I need such a large needle?"

"Don't question me! I'm A Doctor!"
That line gets me everytime. And so does this flash. This was a pretty good one. Especially on a perfectly good Clock Day. Thank you MentosClock for making this flash man. HAPPY CLOCKDAY Mentos!

- JojoMon: Friend to All Clocks.

Tremclad huffing gets you nowhere.

Thanks, I'll be sure to steer clear now.
I'm happy with your mixture of tweening and real animation.
From now on, when I pop a mentos I'll think "hurrrkkblah!"


This was fairly enjoyable. The animation wasn't amazing but it had some good comedy in there. Nice job.