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Reviews for "Strawberry Clock Rpg 4"

i like it!

very well done game!


this just got plain annoying!

A good challenge.

I feel like an idiot for not reading the instruction, I used the summon ability as my first attack against Orange Clock. I enjoy these RPG games, I think this one could have used a few more option, maybe something similar to a defend or block ability would make it better. The animation and controls were both smooth and I thought the music fit the mood of the game. Good job on this, I enjoyed it.

Despite it being only a few levels, this game got repetitive fast. i also had a glitch where I tried using fire when I didn't have enough magic power and it sent me back to a previous stage, I believe the Apple Clock one. It was frustrating since I had to restart the game. But I still thought this was a mildly entertaining game. Keep up the good work and have a great Clock Day.

fullmetalchaz responds:

thanks for spotting that, ive fixed the problem


Trying to use Fire without enough mp makes you go back to the apple stage? [i tired this on rupee stage]
Otherwise lacks a level up / get stronger system.
Nice music and graphics though.

fullmetalchaz responds:

yeah, action scripts a real bitch, but I fixed it