Reviews for "Happy Batman"

Amazing mix! 5/5, just like every Sexual-Lobster video ever!

I predict a batman video coming up soon...

Sexual Lobster translates this : Mira Soy un fan tuyo de Venezuela , Solo por preguntar Venderias algunas de tus t-shirts En venezuela Me gustaria.....

Sexual-Lobster responds:

sorry, i wish the shirt company would sell in more countries but unfortunately they just don't for some reason.

Quite enjoyable, well made. Only thing that struck me as odd was the fact that your lead synth sounded vaguely intense and almost serious, whereas we are so use to rather comic, retro, bouncy sounds in your music. Not sure if that complimented the stylings of the rest of the song, which were very much in your style.

I find myself always looking forward to your releases just so I can give them a review, as you so often leave me a response, which is always a nice perk in my day, hah.

Do you intend to use this music in an upcoming video? If so, I eagerly await said animation. Also, I like your use of the Batman from "Parody Parody Parody" as the CD art.

*gentle applause*

Sexual-Lobster responds:


i made it for a youtube extra. it's called "happy batman"

who he dont like this song why is the best songs