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Reviews for "The Crew Talks Art"

For some reason this was good to watch.

I think smoothish simple drawings combined with clear voices in a kind of calm awkward stuttering in a conversation seem to work out, yes I am referring to Home Movies.

The dialogue reminds me of King of the Hill.

StrawberryClock: ... And why do you want me to draw a penis?
OrangeClock: Because a penis is hard... and I thought you wanted a challenge.

That was a good quality Clock Day animation.



its so cool that you can make these boring dialogues so funny with all the expressions. thats why it really is good and funny.

this kinda made me think of peter brian and stewie from family guy

What a cracka!

Loved it. The humour was great

"Can you draw a penis?"..."Why?"..........no pressure.....

That ws great

I really enjoyed that. It's my kind of humour. Great job and I hope too see more from you buddy.