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Reviews for "The Crew Talks Art"


this is really wonderful

KartuneHustla responds:

Thanks man. Loved your Fruit animation. You never cease to amaze me :D


You absolutely nailed the timing. The result is hilarious, I laughed all the way through it, I love it.


Draw slowly LMAO. Excellent man.
Comedy at it's finest. I like the artwork and audio.

Best one today!

This is my favorite Clock Day submission, because of how it really deconstructs the idea of the Clock Crew and artwork in general. I admit, he did draw a pretty good "B" and I really liked how they had real voices, as well as arms and legs. I was also impressed how the animation flowed well and of course the funniest bit was the end where OrangeClock wanted the penis to be drawn faster.

Perfectly awkward

I really liked the style that the dialogue had, it had a very realistic, awkward feel to it. Art and animation was pretty swell, even though it was majorly just gestures and other small things, and the backgrounds were nice but simplistic. Purty funny stuff here, keep on animating! :)