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Reviews for "The Crew Talks Art"

Clock Day?

This is funny but can someone tell me what clock day is? (Im new to Newgrounds)

hard penis? haha

oh man that funny! i loved it.

i absolutely loved it

the animation really suited the story line, and the way the cracters talk seemed really realistic and it was hilarious. i've watched it 4 times and its just as funny without the animtion, just listening...

The Happy Yeti


this is really amazing. i loved the family-guy-style akward ly paced banter with all the newgroudns cliches thrown in. the arrows that pointed above their heads when each one was talking was a nice touch, for example, and the parodying of NG's non-stop cock obsession was pretty on point. 5/10 FAVORITED. AND I NEVER DO THAT.

KartuneHustla responds:

OH thanks man!!! I feel SPECIALL!!!!!!


Last part "drew it slowly" and the face of orange clock just the clock strawberry of the cocktail (?)

srry bad clock day joke... HAPPY CLOCK DAY :D