Reviews for "In Memory of Billy[CD]"

I have to say...

There were certain parts of this flash that brought me to tears, it really did. I also lost my brother a few years ago, and I have to say, this is a touching tribute to somebody you loved truly.

The part with that one Elton John song and the roses fluttering in the air was more beautiful than almost anything I've ever seen, and I especially like the part where you took him and made him a star in the sky.

R.I.P. Billy, we will all miss you.

KalebKore responds:

Sorry bout' what I did to your bro's forearm.


this just just a magical piece of art. amazing art, sound and B

KalebKore responds:

Fuck yeah.

1000th view

Greatest tribute ever

KalebKore responds:

I agree whole heartedly.

not thing to say

i got not thing to say

KalebKore responds:

You probably shouldn't.


Someone likes child porn........... a bit to much.

KalebKore responds:

That I do..That I do..