Reviews for "Your Hands Are Cold"


just beautiful...I loved the song, you just made my day

Very nice ! lol..

Well, umm. Flash, sometimes I think it was made for us to mutate it to our whim. Lol making love to a strawberry? well anyways I liked it lol also wut is the music?


Aww yeah. It was deep.


Making love to a giant strawberry came to my mind. It sounded kind of nice. But sadly, there are no strawberrys in this world to fornicate with. Sad, I know. There are oranges, but the citrus would burn. What a terrible and depressing world I live in...

Heh, interesting idea.

Here we are, the lazy, demanding viewer, wanting to be served a flash movie on a plate, with all the bells and whistles ready to go.

Well, that is sort of the point of a public showcase of one's work, BUT I like how this flash stepped out of those bounds. Interactivity on another level, sort of.

Anyhoo, I imagined it to be rather nice.