Reviews for "Your Hands Are Cold"

most beutifull flash i ever saw

And I pitty the people that gives you poor grades because of the animation style.
2/10 animation
8/10 sound
3/10 quality
99999/10 story & consept

I must have an amazing imagination because this was fucking beutifull to me. dammit i almost wanted to cry towards the end.

But what i don't think was so beutifull was the rough and meant-to-be-poor pictures. I would actually just like to imagine something to pictures lacking quality instead of pictures that looks like first cast blueprints with doodles all over them.

Might be problem for my to get my point out due to lack in english :)

ClockRadio responds:

Your english is just fine. happy clock day :)


nice style and animation ideas

In all my time on newgrounds...

I've never written a review. My first and only one goes out to the only flash that has ever captivated me.


Pure Imagination..

I think that the author just didn't want to make animations..

Kidding.. xD

This made me think actually.. Even if im not very good at imagining stuff..
(I just imagined the animals running across the screen xDD)

Anyways.. Good Job.. Never seen something like this before.. ^^


This would have be a good flash if it was finished right, all the paint shop pictures are pointless. 2 Stars for the 20% of it you did