Reviews for "Your Hands Are Cold"


I really want to know what the music is. It was nice

ClockRadio responds:

Your Hands Are Cold from the movie Pride and Prejudice.


So you forgot it was clock day too....

ClockRadio responds:

Nope, didnt forget. Animation number two is under way. I was well prepared for today.

not bad

your ten is waiting for you to actually finish animating

ClockRadio responds:

I'm sorry that you dont have any imagination.

Very nice

I liked it, the end made me laff a bit.

Also, to the people who think that this guys' animation is bad, take a look at the start... that is pretty good stuff, obviously he CAN animate well, he just chose this kind of style, which I think is very interesting xD

ClockRadio responds:

this guy, THIS GUY. He gets it.

yo man!

That was good idea with style) I don't put u 10 because the last part of your movie..... Wasn't good in animation.. So I put u 9/10, 5/5 =)