Reviews for "Your Hands Are Cold"

this aint entertaining

what kind of artist makes the viewer do their own work for them when it comes to entertainment

ClockRadio responds:

I cant change your diapers forever, my love, you're going to have to learn to do it yourself.


ya can't get much better then this.

Fucking Brilliant

Is damn right!
If anyone thinks this sucks, their imagination is as great as any retard's.
Only thing that might have made this better is better Text/Handwriting
But either way great and fucking brilliant flash.
Happy Clock Day :D


ya can't get much worse then this.

ClockRadio responds:

im sorry your imagination sux :(

love you <3

Im not sure what to think..

Im giving you a 7 simply cause I dont know what to give you.. the first time I watched it, I saw it as it was, a barely animated cruddy piece of flash. But the ending made me think about it twice. I went back and watched it again, and its true, imagination is the best piece of art anyone can ever make, and every one has it.

I want to give you a low score because you were lazy and didnt make this flash as good as you could. But I want to give you a perfect due to the face this flash actually made me use my mind to see something absolutely beautiful. Its creepy, in a good way.

Keep up the good work, but dont limit your imagination like this, I want to see what you truely imagined ;)

ClockRadio responds:

Nah what you imagined was prob better than what i could have scribbled together.