Reviews for "Your Hands Are Cold"

Jiggly puff

Dude if your flash isnt ready or flash isnt ready I mean if anyone should be offended by this, it should be you, i mean you obviously had a good idea for this flash and then you just sortA gave up and put crappy sketches into it ( I watched waltz with Bashir last night so this is just Unforgivable)

ClockRadio responds:

im so offended by me


That was absolutely positively amazing, my friend, this video had so much imagination not even the tele tubbies could comprehend it although i did, magnificent job.



It had good parts and bad parts. Some of the animation was ok, other parts sucked ass. The story line was good, but hard to follow at times. Unlike most of the people here , i don't really really like it or and i like the idea.

ClockRadio responds:



i like to believe you just fucking gave up on the animation because it's easier to just draw those panels, and then ran with it as a funny idea. i could be wrong, but whatever. my favorite part was 'plants, nice'


The love story between a naked harrison Ford and a giant Strawberry Clock. Simply amazing.