Reviews for "Cat Face ep.14"


Another good episode. I can only wonder how boxcat would look after a makover, maybe we'd finally SEE him?! LOL

I didn't laugh

I didn't laugh for some odd reason! Come on, Weebl, ur better than this!

Great as always!

The goofy animation (especially in regards to those funny-looking cats) made it as usual and it had lots of funny lines, though my favorite was that an old woman couldn't hold her bladder, but could hold a floating cat. These Catface things always cheer me up simply because Catface is so adorable as nearly every other cat I encounter.

Love the Mathieu Chedid reference!

Catface looks good as some sort of cloud or "sumsin." Excellent episode. =D

Poor Nigel!!

Bet Nigel never saw that coming.But Yes,it did bring out Cat Face's eyes,reminded me of a Marshmallow.Good work Mr. Weebl!