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Reviews for "Zombie crahsers episode 2"

^^ Niceee

I said I would catch up and I eventually did, it was worth the wait as you truly make it happen cuz of the jokes, also tbh guys the graphics is good I mean he isn't pro or anything... Keep up the good work mate look forward to the next episode :]


I found it pretty funny, graphics could use some work and a spell check would have been appreciated, but other than that I liked it.

Hankman360 responds:

I do the grammar on purpose dude. You know, character. But really man thanks alot. Oh also, how do you make the graphics better. The sprites came straight from krinkels. Tell me how ifyou know.

Through and through.

Spelling and grammar I had a problem with, but it made me laugh. :)

Hankman360 responds:

I made the grammar like that on purpose. I'ts shows a little character. But thanks for telling me it was funny.

keep working at it!

usually flashes have animation in them. I think I counted 5 character hand movements in the entire video. Also, watch your spelling and grammar. Poor English just makes a video seem even worse.

Hankman360 responds:

I'm sorry that all you look at is apperance instead of the point. Not cool.
P.S: I did the grammar on purpose for character. Why is everyone complaining about the grammar? I mean seriously, does it really matter? No. I've seen MUCH worser grammar on youtube, so this...is ok.