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Reviews for "Paws"

WOW is same as okami

this is when he was at young age like 1000 years old

its great

its a pretty good game nice graphics and i like the combos u can do.

cherry blossom-up, right, left
lazer- up, left, right
damage orbs- right(3)
fire storm-lef, up, right

use the lazer its the best

s sequel

overall its a nice game , if there's a sequel make sure you can attack by drawing just like Okami more combo...should make it more fun...add a health meter and dash meter and ink meter (if there's a sequel) so player can only draw when there's an ink...also make sure we can create special attack by writing japanese thingy (which will be instructed first :-p)....thats what i can say...keep going

Great, Great, Great!

The art style was beautiful and the characters were very similar to one of my all time favorites Okami!

I will make a fan-game of these. It's awesome!