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Reviews for "Paws"

To be continued?! Nooooooooo!

It is not a coincidence, I think, that two of the best games to come out recently have featured the character playing as a fox in a 2d platform adventure environment. (Willian and Sly is the other one.)

This game is awesome. I liked the combat, here's the combos for those who don't like experimenting.

I'm going to use arrow-like symbols instead of writing it out. <^> are obvious, V is standing in for down.

Explosion. An arrow starts to rotate around the grabbed monster/rock, and it becomes a mortar. When you press V, the object flies in the selected direction and explodes when it hits. Not terribly useful, but amusing.

Laser. As Explosion, gives you an arrow, but that only goes from straight up to straight down, through the direction you're facing. Hits twice for 22 damage, and hits everything in a line. Not terribly useful, but it's fun to shoot people with your Kitsune Rock LAZOR!

Damage Orbs. Gives you a couple of orbs rotating around the fox that damage enemies. I never found it useful, and the sound is bloody annoying, so I didn't try much.

Firestorm. Unleashes a windmilling hail of balls of fire, that deal 2 damage each - but each windmill arm has a LOT of bursts, and each burst is three balls of fire. Great if you happen to be surrounded.

Rebirth. Gives you more health. This is fun, since ^ is a bite animation, and it's fun to watch little Paws chow down on the monsters for health, giving them a carnivore kiss. Even more fun to do it to a rock, though!

Cherry Blossom Burst. Instantly kills the monster you have grabbed. Useful, yes, but not as useful as the next one.

Stonemaker. Turns the monster instantly into a stone (killing it and giving you full HP credit for killing it,) and leaving behind a stone, which you can then knock around, chow down on via Rebirth for health, use to fire your ROCK LAZORS, et cetera.

There's not many monsters, so here they are. (note that damage numbers are based on playing Easy.)
Fluffy Wapa-Rabbit. It's a lot like a rabbit - weak, small, mainly harmless. Will nibble the fox's ankles for 2 hit points a nip. Toss 'em into the air and rip 'em apart however you see fit, or encase the wee bastards in a boulder.

Blackhound. Lean like a grayhound, black like, well, a greyhound that's been swimming in an oil spill, and aproximately as vicious. They're more dangerous, hitting for about 11 damage a bite. They're trouble, deal with them quickly - I reccomend encasing them in a boulder.

Big Bear-Dog. Imagine a cross between a black bear and a Rottwhieler. These are about as big, and about as dangerous, hitting for 22 hit points per bite. Deal with them FAST. I reccomend encasing them in a boulder.

Goddamned Zu-Bat. Seriously, it looks like an infernal Zubat that only flies along at an altitude of 14 inches. Knock 'em up into the air (too high for them to fly, because they apparently require ground effect for light) and deal with them however you see hit. I reccomend encasing them in a boulder.

Da Boss:

Swamp Beast. It hides in the swamp, launching it's mini-mes at you and occasionally splashes lethal mud at you. Jump over the mud, grab the minimes. Boulder spme of them so you have ammo at-hand instead of having to wait for it to launch one to get an object. Chow down on rock or swamp minime when you need health, and launch boulders at the beast as mortars (use Explosion) or fire your Rock Lazor at it. Or just charge at him for some nominal damage. Rinse, lather, repeat. Interestingly, you DON'T face him at the end, rather, about half-way through, and he vows vengeance.

There's a few friendlies - the owl, the wolves, the old blind lady. Then there's a damn evil red sprite that turns you into a midget for the last level. While a midget, you can't fight (having no arms nor forepaws,) only shield yourself. You DO gain a double-jump, though.