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Reviews for "Paws"

great, but....

great... but i never found cherry blossom, and laser

Almost perfect

I actually played this quite a bit before getting into a review and I found some odd glitches here and there. Haven't played this 'Okami' so I can't draw on any similarities.

I had several occasions when I performed a particular combo and the 'no combo' thing kept showing up even though I was doing a combo I had already done before. Sometimes the effects still remained and sometimes it was just 'no combo'.

Some things that need to be added in my opinion - a health bar. Unless I'm mistaken, there's no indication where my health is. Which is weird because I have no idea when to perform that health gaining combo. I'm just guessing.

Secondly, the ability to turn directions mid air is almost crucial to a platformer of this style. When the direction I'm facing actually matters to most of my actions like gripping the enemy mid air or hopping off walls and such, it's very important that I'm able to change directions mid air. Also since the momentum here is quite severe, it makes it quite difficult to maneuver around. And it makes it tricky to catch my opponents in mid air if I'm facing a different direction.

I felt the game was also a tad slow in the movements. I guess there was a lot of art going on, but it definitely could move a little quicker. It felt a little laggy to me.

Other than that, gameplay was incredibly unique. It took a while to get comfortable with the attack mode and such, but once I did it was really fun to use those combos instead of just hacking or slashing or button mashing.

The music was well suited and the overall presentation was really nice. Quite some detailed art going on.

Good work.

A artistic, skillfully made game.

While I agree that this game reminds me of Okami, I wont say its a rip off because this is its own art style. The art of the game is simply fantastic, from the old-time effect on the screen to the NPC's to the backround, its a treat for the eyes, and each level had me excited about what new art I'd be seeing.

Gameplay is fantastic: its a very original concept for combat, focusing entirely on mid-air, and each combo had me longing to find the other's. The idea of discovering combo's is hardly new, but the way ou executed it was very well done, and unlike other such combo games where you see a slight change in animation and a little more power, this one gave each combo a very unique and powerful ability that's really worth memorizing.

Music was very well picked/made, as it suited the art and story perfectly. What I look for in good music is that it fits the mood, isn't repetitive, and dosn't distract you. This one got all those criteria.

The platforming sections of the game were a bit of a hassle, I'll admit. I had some issues with the wall jump, because every time I leapt off a wall I couldn't turn the fox in the direction of that wall again, causing me to fall many times, and was frustrating: while it certanly didn't make the game impossible, it was a little irksome thing that could of probably been fixed fairly easily.

The story is interesting, at least interesting enough to help motivate the player to keep playing. I wont say much more than that, though I did enjoy the progression. You certainly knew how to spread things out evenly.

All in all, this is a excellent game worth the front page, and then some. I'll be keeping my eye out for you on the top fifty flash game/movie list.


simple, yet gripping

I really like this game. Sure, it is VERY similar to Okami, but not in the rip-off kind of way. Minus 1 point for being incredibly short. Oh yeah... right right left is stone maker.

Great Game

Great visuals, lovely plot and a cute main character. The only reason that this is nine stars and not ten, is that the platforming aspect could have been a tad better. I see one flaw that many platforming games share: Jumping on a platform, only to find that you can't do so unless you're dead-center accurate. But this isn't enough to make it a bad game, nor does it make it impossible to play. Awesome job, and can't wait for the next chapter.

Oh, and I played Okami, and not every non-anthro wolf main character is a ripoff.