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Reviews for "Paws"

perty cool

it was good sept that it was sorta hard 2 c ware the ground was an wen u try an dash the bad guys wen ur neer the info thing u gota talk 2 the lady...


cool game and nice wens the next 1?

luvit, butt...

its like Okami and william + sly combined...
so its kinda a rip off...
but it's still real different, and i loved okami and w+s,
and this game was fun,
with great japenese-watercolor art...
and great music...
so thats a 9

Good concepts

THe movement of the wolf thing was very fluid, reminded me of Okami. but the fighting was a bit long winded. having to dash and then jump at EVERY enemy got old really quick and it was very easy to miss a dash and get hurt instead.

i like it

good job, original ideas. seems of oriental decent for some reason. keep up the good work. !