Reviews for "LoL: Oh Yes And Spiders"

noble zelda! hot zelda!

LOL this was very WELL made n its freaking funny!

Emptygoddess responds:

As are you!


i dont know how else to describe it i was laughing my arse off the whole way through, its epicness on its own level

Emptygoddess responds:

I think you described it pretty well.

I enjoyed this a lot :D.

Im going to be straight up with this, the humor was great, the voice acting fit some of the characters but not all so it evened out fairly, the animations were great and added some color to the characters.

Overall Im voting 10 and 5, keep up the great work! :D

Emptygoddess responds:

Your fairness would impress king Solomon himself. He was the fair one right?


that was great u REALLY did put ur hear into this i am proud of u for that should be on front page for the rest of the month and then some if people were smart enough it was great but my only prob was volume.. .very low thanks for the sub but ya try making it a bit louder but other then that FAN FUCKING TASTIC!

Emptygoddess responds:

sorry about that. Hope it didn't hinder your enjoyment to much.



oh yes and spiders err i mean 5/5 AND 27/10 IL MAKE IMPROPER FRACTIONS IF I WANT TO GAWD KRAWW!! KRAWWW KRAW!

Emptygoddess responds:

Math teachers would be sad.