Reviews for "Cube Colossus"


A great shooter game.
I like the upgrade system, the weapons are also diverse.
The different ships were good too, each one had its use. the best has to be loki though.
Storyline was excellant.
Also the achievemants were also a good thing to bring in.

However its not perfect, I agree with some people that aiming is hard but it is a unique system that haven't seen in other games.
I agree with Veru that the screen is too small, the amount of times i clicked outside the screen was frustrating - a possible solution is to make the ships smaller instead of the screen bigger.
Grammar although it was bad at points i still made sense of it and i'm not a grammar Nazi so I won't rate you down on it.

Overall One of the rare flash games that has kept me busy for a long peroid of time without making me bored, A unique storyline and also multiple ugrades and ships to change your playstyle.
10/10 5/5

Look forward to perhaps a sequel to the game and if not, more of your work.

perfect game

this game is awsome Ilike the fact that you have to doge and shoot at practicly the
same time
i'm liking it

10 dollar download for free

that really is what it is it plays amazingly.

For the difficulty problems it lets you GO BACK to previous levels to get more gold for more upgrades so in a scene it is the easiest game in the world.

Oh so sweet

This game is pure bliss and i love it i dont understand why everyone say's it hard its way to easy the only hard boss is loki, millie is easy infact her first form harder than her second.

Also i have a major question i read another review that says "wait to you fight one of the secret bosses" that refers that there is more than one secret boss and there is also extra slots on other so is there anymore secret bosses

any way great game

Just gold.

This is the kind of content that newgrounds needs more of. It's polished and fun.