Reviews for "Cube Colossus"


Great game, the controls were smooth and the upgrades were nice.
Although i found the beam weapons the most useful, the game is awesome and is definitely front page material and daily 1st material also.

very good

i give this a 10 its a game that i would suggest for people that like shooting game and challenges

Sweet game

THis was a great game, the fact you could upgrade your ship and get new weapons made it awesome. But it was even better to give the choice later for new ships, and that they had diffrent strengths and weaknesses as well as diffrent special abilities. It wasn't too hard with upgrading and stuff, some levels I had a little trouble with but once I upgraded it got easier. My only issue with the game is some of the dialouge is a little weird but that isn't going to make me take off any points. Great game and keep up good work.


Excellent Game, Awesome music (i loved the sfx sounds too) and cool story, the game controls are.... strange and hard to master but easy to reach an acceptable lvl (just to beat the 20 chapters). The difficulty is OK for experienced players, maybe too difficult for beginners or ppl that dont play this kind of games too much.
Good luck ;)


This is a great arena-style shmup with great graphics and overall amazing gameplay; you did very great, and there needs to be a sequel. I love this game!