Reviews for "Cube Colossus"


very good game.. i got addicted to it..
i played it whole afternoon to unlock it all..
but unfortunatelly i can kill loki.. its harder than the last boss.. so i wonder..
why do all bosses have a great damage speed and mass are attacks? thats just too hard.. i dunno how i killed last boss but i got very disapointed that i couldnt unlock the last weapons.. Loki is way too hard.
and overdrive gauge should fill faster for some ships.. since after chapter 3 i couldnt play withi other ship than heimdall just because of the heals..

and i agree with kargoth thats one one the best games i ever played here.. congrats


Good plot, good controls, good interface.

Only reason it's getting a 9 is because of the small ships that stalks you, which are not getting hit if the fire goes through them, but only if their sides are hit.

Besides fixing that, it's perfect!

Just one thing

Can you make it more adept for a person using a laptop with out a mouse but ohter than that its an awesome game and great fresh concept.

I'm intrigued!

The skewing of the control system is what made this game so awesome, along with including an auto-lock system. i couldn't give this a perfect 10 because the dialog has lots of errors (which isn't completely your fault) along with the text being too small for me to see. Other than that little bit, the game is killer!


the game itslef was good but the difficulty was to hard i get stuck fighting the blue cubes because they are so fast and the fact that they shoot 4 times ivery like 3 seconds is just 2 much especially on the second wave of level 16 my sheild is level65 my energy is 24 and my attack is 35 ive tried to beat this level with every single weapon and every single ship the farthest i can get is to the 3rd wave of level 16 if im lucky enouph to get some slower blue cubes now i like a chalenge but i eventually just gave up and tried to find another good game other than the difficulty i love this game though gives you alot of choices to mod a ship that fits your style best and i love that make another when please just give it a difficulty setting