Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

was fun

so yeah i see people are having problems with some aspects of the game specifically act 10, the last boss, and loki. also, no one seems to know how to get the SP weps, and i just happen to know how to get Excalibur, but i'll never tell xP. i still havent figured out how to get Axia though. if someone finds out, post it on a review or something. if anyone really wants to know how to get Excalibur just msg me fer it.

so anywho onto some strats. act 10 isnt too hard if you use Heimdall and tbh Heimdall can pretty much power you through most of the game. i used Azrael my first time though, just using the lvl 2 beam wep. beam weps are what you'll be using most of the time through the game if you're any sort of smart. everything else has sucky dp until much later in the game. just dodge like crazy and dont get cornered with Heimdall and you should be set. save regen for when u have half or less hp or if you get past a 200k combo.

-slight spoiler warning-- last boss.. act 20, mehh. she can be kind of a bitch when u first fight her. if you're pretty much the proper level to fight her, you can either go with your current level beam wep or higher dps missiles. i only consider missiles because for her first form bc she flies around erratically and that brings down the effectiveness of beam weps. homing missiles compensate for that. at first you need to wait for the gaps when she flies around and stops firing and QUICKLY go through them. but there will be times when that is impossible bc shes so fucking quick. just use your judgment and run around her when that happens. or try to make your own gap in between the bullets. after a while she changes weps to the shotgun type. you can run completely around them or you can run between them slowly. both have pros and cons. this is where you'll take a lot of damage bc its hard to predict when she'll fly in ur face and loose a shotgun point blank. after shes dead, robot form comes out and its a bullet storm. stormmmmm. its a stationary form which makes beam weps better over missiles at this point, and you'll really miss the dps of beam here when ur worrying about how long you can survive the storm.
you'll want to take out the left and right parts before the center, because they're firing the most shit at you. around here is where a ship choice is important. there's 2 basic strategies i came up with and thats tanking and kamikaze. if you tank you'll use Heimdall and regen and a good amount of dodge skill to survive. if you want to try your luck at Kami, choose Valkyrie and beam and slow down time immediately when the robot form comes. focus all your fire on one side and try to take it out as soon as possible. either way, after one side is gone it becomes much easier to dodge and take out the other 2 parts.

ok now loki. hahaaa he is one gay motherfucker. he has that erratic super speed of the last boss and he fires constant super shotguns that do super damage. he also has super health. although you do get Odin to help you out for this fight, its still a toughie to say the very very least. USE BEAM. to beat loki, you'll never dodge through his shots unless forced to. what you have to do to dodge his shotguns is a bit hard to explain. while hes firing them, you should stay in the same angle until he starts to move again. when he does, circle FAST around those 2-4 shotgun waves and hope he doesnt do one of those gay double moves and shoot u in the face. you have to survive until you get your first overdrive. when you use it, follow loki really close so he takes as many beam shots as possible. you have to have the timing to know when ur shield will run out though, or else you'll get caught in another shotgun. after this you should have a 200k combo, so you can take one hit, but only one if possible. if you survive to get your second overdrive, you're in pretty good shape. after the 2nd one he should have around 10% left, so dodge and pray he dies.

but really, you dont need these strats at all if you have Excalibur, which only I found lololol. gl

lucidrine responds:

I'm sorry but Axia is unavailable until the next update. Thanks for the strategy guide though :D. You're an awesome player O.o


Cool, engaging and overall very awesome! Perhaps a few small bugs but nothing enough to detract from the fun. 5/5.


i love everything about into

Awesome game.

Really, not much to say that hasn't been said already... Beat Loki in one shot though, so that was awesome :3

sweet jahoseaphat!

i have not had this much fun since old school shooters.

Very nice job with the all around shooting mechanics, and the upgrades are mucho fun ^ ^

i like how the chains break and screen is like WOAh @>@ but cool :DDDDDD

the only complaint i have is that o.o ^ ^ i got nothing

very nicely done!!!