Reviews for "Cube Colossus"

epicly awesome

alright its a great game, musics awesome gameplay is different and unique the controls are different to. this game stands out enough to get a 10/10


Well all i can say is i completed it an i do heck loads of damage :P


Great game, and you know, I subscribed only to rate it!

Well, my rating:

-Good gameplay
-Interesting story
-Epic music!!!

-Not long enough!

And one last thing:

You should make a Cube Colossus 2!


Nothing like being constantly on the verge of death to get the adrenaline pumping. :)
I see a lot of people are bitching about the controls, but they can go fuck themselves. I actually liked the system.

Though I haven't a clue on how to obtain 'Excalibur', and it`s disappointing. Nothing like seeing an absolutely sick weapon right before my grasp, without the ability to reach out for it.

Will a sequel ever be made?

Pretty good

i just wish the targeting system was fixed... it usually ends up targeting something you dont want to kill at the moment