Reviews for "DG Little Red Riding Hood"

A fun, interesting game.

The art is great, I really enjoyed that, which is good because the art is the only thing that really drives the player. =3 you want to find out whats next, even though we all know the story. Music is good, its in the backround and it dosn't bother you. The challange level seemed to flux qiute a bit, though, at least for me: sometimes it was really easy and sometimes It was rip-out-my hair hard, which was why Im glad you offered hints (which I never took advantage of, I was too proud) but in any case, this was a great game, and thanks for makin' it!

DifferenceGames responds:

There is a lot of variance on the difficulty because each time you play different differences are shown. The hint system is there to help at thoe 'hair pull out moments' and there isn't any penalty to using it, although if you wait for the bar to refill you are going to get less of a time bonus on the scene.


I almost wished it was a bit longer, and I don't care for difference games. Seemed to me like lots of FO3 references, haha. the music, artwork, everything, it just fits together perfect.

Loved it

I absolutely loved the art still, though the grandmother was a bit odd. I like the hint system too. Very nice game, good work.

this was great!

i love these types of games
i got 716


were did u get that music??? i realy want it!!!!