Reviews for "DG Little Red Riding Hood"

The best Difference Game I've played

...even better than "Dreams"! Give my compliments to the artist.

Also, I like the new "hint-meter" system.



Great artwork, original setting, a remake that (as it happens so rarely these days) doesn't look foolish, and the option to get hints if you get stuck.

Don't change anything :)
P-S: Kinda reminded of Fallout 3.

Awesome Art and New Hint System

I'm glad to see that this game is getting the score it deserves on Newgrounds. I'm a big fan of the updated hint system and the art for this is one of my favorites among all of the difference games out there. Keep up the good work!


Fun little game, simple, but fun

625- Boo Yah!

Awsome game, fun twist to LRRH made it better if u ask me, i mean srsly theres a freaking robot vs. wolf fight
how much better can that be