Reviews for "DG Little Red Riding Hood"

Red Riding Hood has never been so fun!

This game was very fun to play and if someone knows what the name of this song is or where to download it post the link!


This is pretty good. I'm normally not fond of Difference games, but this is cool. Cool Sci-fi / fantasy combo. What's the music? It's cool.


Very nice artwork.

Loved it, and now also on the iPhone

I love this sci-fi find-the-differences game and just found it on the iPhone =D.
Cool, good job.


We have detected a continuity gaffe. Whenever the grandmother is mentioned in a speech bubble, she has a left robotic arm. When we finally see her, the robotic arm is on her right.

Nice artwork, however, you require more game play. I went to this from an ad that promised "Most games try to be different...This one succeeds." This flash is no different from several others you and countless other faceless sites have released and I did not see any fine print, alt text or anything that would suggest otherwise. So, you killed my dreams that something different could exist on the internet...

I SMELL A LAWSUIT. See you in court.


Nah, just messing with you...