Reviews for "DG Little Red Riding Hood"

Nice waking up to

Nice game to play just after waking up! The artwork was quite superb, and the music complimented the game nicely as well (especially since it took me a long time to finish it!).

The best Difference Game I've played

...even better than "Dreams"! Give my compliments to the artist.

Also, I like the new "hint-meter" system.


difficult and excellent

excellent story that is. i absolutely loved it, and holy crap was this game hard! good job!

Solid game play.

The music was well done without getting tiresome.
Loved the artwork for the story line.
Solid mechanics.

My only major complaint is how grandma's robotic arm switched mid game from her left arm to her right arm. Minor but it stuck out at me. I would love to see a few cut scenes that wern't part of the game and expand on the story some. Just to break up the clicking if nothing else.