Reviews for "DG Little Red Riding Hood"

very nice :)

beautiful art, very nice music, but as was said by many, it is too short.
horizontal/vertical pictures bring the feeling of difference. i normally go through that kind of games very fast, this was a bit of a challenge.
i wonder if there is any kind of comic with that art, its quite special :)

Tricky to see sometimes.

I really liked the theme of this one, but the dark, almost monochrome colour scheme meant I had to put the brightness on my monitor up to full, and even then sometimes it was hard to make out some of the details. The story was fantastic. Like the others, I found the music loop far too short, but otherwise I liked it.

Pretty good

I liked the theme, although the music was too short so it kept on looping which got annoying fast.

I did spot one difference that you failed to correct: In the first few shots grandma's metal arm was the left arm, and later on its the right arm! lol

Not Bad

Well its a unique concept on LRRH, thats for sure. Artwork was pretty good and th music fit with it, though it was on the annoying loop crap. However there were a few basic problems that I'm surprised were made.
Keeping track- How many games are there out that are identical to this, yet make markers on spots already found, so you don't hit them again my mistake?
Spots- My god you were knit-picky on a few of them. You had o shove you face all the way to the moniter to see them, even when found.
Despite these faults, not a bad game.


ok i guess but not a 10...im in a good mood today so ill give 8