Reviews for "DG Little Red Riding Hood"


Superb game. Fantastic story and gameplay. Beautiful illustrations. The only thing I found wrong with it was that if the game is paused, the hint bar still reloads. Not a big deal. Good job.


im not a big big fan of those kind of game but it was a very good one and the art work was really nice and story was kinda. Cute ^^ so good job man continue making nice work like this one by exemple all the classic child storie :3 ! 5/5 10/10


very good game

Great art

THe artwork was spot on, did you draw it yourself? the music was good, but the same song going round and round grated after a while. I got stuck on maybe the 5th or 6th one, but still a good concept. i'd love to see the whole story in comic form, with lettering and everything, the concept is very interesting.

pretty cool

this game had really good music and it had some nice art to it