Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"


what is that bunny on? LSD? i thought it was pretty good. nice job on the creepy kind of style.

StressBunnyInc responds:

he took some bad meth

What a trip...

The animation is great, I love your kind of creepy, abstract style. The transformation of the the tree in particular was awesome.
However it did seem though like there was a lot of potential in the concept that you didn't explore...The end product came out on the short side. Hopefully you'll explore more in this vein in later stuff!
I recognized the music as something by Tool (Lost Keys..?)...a really good choice for the material, but the ambient intro continues so far into the animation that the movie is pretty much finished by the time the track gets to the most interesting sections...and then the music doesn't restart if you replay the movie. Might be worth looking into that.
Over all, cool stuff- keep it comin'.


Shape tweening

StressBunnyInc responds:

i dont ever use tweening in my life
i find it a cheat
all that morfing was done all by me :)

Great animation

the screech in the music i could have done without but other than that pretty good

what The hell?

The music was screechy and annoying, and i can't help but ask myself whether or not you were hopped up on crack or heroine when you had the idea.

StressBunnyInc responds:

your an asshole
its supposed to be like a bad drug trip
i wasnt high you ass