Reviews for "The unholy tree of doom"


Im glad it's the same as the first one I really enjoy this kind of stuff although theres not enough of it on...anything with your to strange flash's you make it to my favorites :P

The Pariah, the parrot and the delusion

I thought to myself "her first flash movie worked really nice, but won't this one feel like some kind of rip-off ? Or an effortless second movie to reproduce the first formula who was a success ?"

But I was wrong, because this is actually better than the first movie, there is a apprehensible concept, with great realisation and morphing, and good music as always, The eternal problem is the pre-loader. And still the abstruse meaning.

If you succeed to involve this bunny into a bigger plan, then it would be absolutely grand.


it ws really good a little short for my tast but the mosic did go really will with the art i thought keep up the good work.

Don't get me wrong...

The flash was cool and trippy. I like the things that make me trip. And I enjoy Detroit-style underground post-trance as much as the next person. However, the high chord playing through the loading, all during the flash, and afterward? Kinda made me want to beat myself to death with my own dick, not gonna lie.

Like I said, the visual portion is great.

this was awesome!!

I just think you should start the music at the second frame, after the preload... besides that this was awesome!!

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