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Reviews for "Furry Hentai Enema"

Love it.

Im bisexual so its a stiffy either way XD

Right up the butt!! Yes!!!

So nice to see Linda again

i love this fox

Linda is so gorgeus

Personally, I don't see the appeal.

Still, a critism shoudl be neutrally given.
Character design was good (though I only looked at the girl since i have NO desire to see a dude naked)
Animaiton: no complaints
Coloration: well, she's the same color as in the others, so there's nothing more to say.
Sound: Didn't really care, to be honest.
overall? See star rating.

Again, I don't really get off on this particular fetish, but I've given the best review I can wit hmy mindset.
good night, all.

good, very good

one of the best ive seen fora wile