Reviews for "Guitar Tuner"


I don't believe this. This has GOT to be one of the first ever downloadable flashes available on newgrounds. Thank you. I've been looking for a simple tuner. You guys should make more stuff like this. :D

kyle-christie responds:

this is early days but got to be the way forward with phones and so on..so you can get your fave animations, games and utilities on your phone - except iphones dont support flash (and probably never will as it would fuck up the apple monoploy on iphone apps). we are looking into a chromatic tuner that works on the phone by registering the note and readjusting till you get the perfect pitch.


Heres an idea, why dont u make like some special tuning like drop D, open G etc...
Btw great tool!!!


nice tuner.bass option?


its really good. and if you cant drop d tune on your own, dont use a tunner. anyway it would really awesome if you made a bass tuner.

WOW one of most usefull things in the whole website!