Reviews for "Guitar Tuner"


this is good for when i have my guitar next to my computer and i dont feel like getting up to grab the tuner


I broke my guitar tuner the other day and this is really helpful!

kyle-christie responds:

my tuners always gettin lost or nicked or something..


Dude this is pretty handy!

kyle-christie responds:

thanks...reckon we could make some changes but not bad as a starter - thanks for the hi score Torak2

what a coincidence

i was just playing guitar. and it is very very close to the sound if not spot on good job.

kyle-christie responds:

should be 100% correct - checked it with a top quality physical tuner.


Its a guitar tuner for sure. I find the space of the notes pretty inconvenient. Why not just have one constant tone?

kyle-christie responds:

i find it hard to tune to one tone.its like i need the space to listen to the note and bring 'em closer together. everyones different i guess.