Reviews for "Batgirl"

she's hot

nice details


thats a sick pic
i like it very much

Bat Girl with a Camel Toe apparently

I always wondered why the old time super-heroes always wore skin-tight clothes.

But the old-school Bat-Girl from the old "Adam-West" times - she actually wore a skirt.

This is the 90's DC version if I'm not mistaken but kept the short cape.

It's pretty.

Not so much sexual or obscene. But nice - someone will crack a joke about her pelvis area.

Redistribute your shading.

In a dark composition, the lightest point can steal the show. I find that the shading and lighting on her torso is more high-contrast than the rest of the piece, and the contrast draws interest there and away from her head, which blends in to the dark sky. You're kinda inviting people to just stare at her body. The work is based on a pretty cool pose, but I'd move the arms a bit out. They're anatomically and compositionally to far behind her body.

Also, it's kind of boring how she's just against the sky with no frame of reference. This is subjective, but i'd like a building, a skyline, or something as a point of reference in space. You've got a nice gradient going and the hair is pretty cool. Refinement would make this better.

so shiny

sweet stuff.