Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

#1 thing here is you people suck

ok i beat this game, it took me 2 tries, *oh no*
you blow off his hands a bunch and shoot his head when they are gone, eventually he ends up without a gun standing there and u have to blow his head off by repeatedly blasting it.

this was an .. OK game, and it is beatable people ill screenshot my win if you dont belive me its very easy.


Its a ok game. But not enough Blood. Classic arcade shooter gameplay was great. And when you lose and win you got some dumbass faggot voices. Should get rid of those motherfuckers.

I'll make this review helpful.

Aim at his hands to kill him. The stars are is your health. The final battle aim at his head!

I know Kung-Fu.

He knows kung-fu. ok........ i have gun :)
Try "kung-fuing" yur way outta that BEE-ACH

Keanu Hater

Another old assassin game, this time against Keanu Reeves of Matrix (a fundamental film about videogame philosophy).