Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

this is really gay

this is the gayest thing i have played in my life the only thing u get to do is the him in the head twice i mean u c no blood u c nothing interesting this sucks big dick and i bet u do to

this game was total crap and thats being nice

this was 1 of the worst games I've ever played. it was total fuckin' shit there was no blood, no gore I thought this was supposed to be assasin not pansyland remove this piece of shit now!!!!!!!


Can you even win? This is just awful. It had the potential of being good, but you didn't add any other necessary aspects of a fun (Assassination, in this case) game.

this game is clearly made by somebody who doesn't like Keanu Reeves

it seems you just googled "Keanu Reeves with a gun" and had them slide across the screen

it plays well and you can actually lose

its programmed well and has mediocre graphical design

maybe if you had tried to animate him running and such it might be fun

I never understood the whole Keanu Reeves is a bad actor thing. I mean he's not the worst actor from what I've seen. I mean come on Matrix was cool right? Anyway with that being that said it's a simple assassin game. Good for it's time and holds up...eh alright