Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

Damn you need some work!

Dang! that could have been SO much better, I hated it, there was no point! the game overal sucked!


Well, compared to some games, this is better...but those games are usually kicked off Newgrounds due to low ratings. This game is not completely stupid, but it is certainly close, and there are many ways it could have been made more fun. A little easy, and very boring.

Really stupid.

Uh... when someone gets shot in the head, they usually die.

it sucked major ass

This was the most shitey game i have ever played i think the dancing baby is better then this and i hate the damn damncing baby more then this piece of shit.....take it off the site and put one up that would actully qulify as shitey at least