Reviews for "DESTROY: Keanu Reeves"

he moves to fast

have to shoot him too much

it needs work

it would be a whole lot better if he didnt move so goddamn fast also you should be able to shoot him anywhere on his body but it is none the less funny

This game sucks big time!

This game is hard because Keanu moves so damn fast. On top of that, you can hardly get a shot on him so he alwys gets a shot on you instead. Pure crap.

What crap.

This game sucks both on the technical side and the fact that it involves the shooting death of someone cool. Why would anyone wanna destroy Neo, Ted Theodore Logan, and Johnny Mnemonic along with other kick ass characters??? I don't get it.

Very Lame

The pictures just scroll across the screen and occasionaly take pop shots at you. Total dog shit!